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Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

People often tell me that they don’t think they can be hypnotized. They have a “can’t fool me” look in their eye, as though someone who goes into a trance must be weak-willed or easily fooled. The fact is, anyone who can pay attention and follow instructions can be hypnotized if they want to be.


So let’s assume that a new client comes to see me – let’s call him Dal. Like most people, he has the ability to pay attention, he is capable of following instructions, and he wants to try hypnotherapy to achieve a particular objective. In other words, all the elements seem to be in place for a successful hypnotic experience. Except for one thing…Dal has a nagging fear of losing control. Dal wonders what I'm going to do or say when he is in a trance…or worse, he wonders what I'm going to make him do or say! This second-guessing and over-analyzing doesn't mean that Dal won't go into a trance, but it can interfere with the level of relaxation he will achieve. If Dal is on his guard he may only go into a light trance. (Therapeutic work can still take place in this state.) And here's what usually happens with people like Dal: at the end of the first session they realize that they were worried for nothing, and they've actually enjoyed the experience much more than they thought they would. And now that they know it's safe to let go, their second session is usually a more satisfying, relaxing and fulfilling experience.


So can anyone be hypnotized? Yes, if they want to be. Even Dal.


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