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Please use the CONTACT section to share comments about your hypnotherapy experience with Karen.

Note: Unless otherwise specified by you, only part of your name will be posted with your testimonial in order to respect client anonymity. 

(- Stephanie -) I was trying to leave a toxic relationship and was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. I was also smoking pot every evening to relax, and it was something I wanted to get control of. I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Karen: two sessions that significantly reduced my anxiety, and one session about confidence and self-forgiveness. I was amazed at how much better I felt afterward. And best of all my life is now moving forward on a more positive path. I’m in healthier relationship, I smoke a lot less and feel more confident about myself and my future. Karen also gave me a recording that I listened to many times after our sessions. It helped me feel relaxed and more peaceful about everything. If you’re wondering if hypnosis can make a real difference, the answer is YES.


(- Jody V. -) Caring for an ailing parent I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities and was having difficulty coping with my emotions. I live in Florida and thought I would go see Karen next time I visited Montreal. I was completely surprised that Karen was able to perform hypnosis over the telephone and what an incredible experience it was. After one session, I felt more in control of my life and more able to deal with my mother and the struggles that go along with it. Thank you Karen.


(- Beatrice B. -) I consulted Ms Torgerson for a problem with anxiety and panic. It was particularly bad when I went to bed. I also was afraid to go to the doctor, and was afraid of being afraid and so on. After the death of my husband each day was filled with fear and worry. I just couldn't let go of things after he passed away. Through word of mouth I met Ms Torgerson, not knowing at all what would happen. I can now say that I no longer suffer from panic attacks. I hear Karen's voice (in the recording she gave me after our session), and her words set me free. We all go through difficult times at some point in our lives...I highly recommend Ms Torgerson, whose talent and professionalism have made a such difference in my life. I am most grateful.



(S. Vallerand) I have to fly a lot for my job and I used to dread it - particularly the thought of turbulence. My session with Karen helped A LOT. I took a flight the following week and found myself VERY relaxed, almost dozing off a few times. I did feel some panic coming up, but it felt like I was detached from it. It didn't overwhelm me like it would have before. I could feel it, but then let it go...and my body felt very relaxed, not tense or tight like before. So I think this has worked out really really well for me :-)


(- Vickie C.-)I've been sleeping well since my hypnotherapy session with Karen. And better than that - I don't worry anymore! My  imagination no longer gets carried away with 'catastrophic thinking'. I feel happy and liberated beyond my expectations.


(-S. Ouellet -)This was the first time I ever tried hypnosis. I was a bit nervous and didn't know what to expect, but I found myself feeling good right away - calm and confident. Karen's voice and the environment of the session made it easy to relax. Before hypnosis I felt guilty about not be able to do enough for my loved ones. After 2 sessions of hypnosis, I felt less responsible for making other people happy. I'm still here for my family, but I no longer carry around what doesn't belong to me. I feel free to be myself and my relationships are healthier.


(- Mellissa P-) Karen has the unique ability to make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. She tailors the experience to your needs. After the first session, I already felt calm, more at ease. I look forward to continuing my journey with her.


(- D. Juteau - )When I first met Karen Torgerson, my life was controlled and limited by my anxiety. I had tried many different treatments, therapies and medications over the years- but nothing worked until I experienced hypnosis with Karen. After only one session I felt a significant transformation in my life. My old patterns of thinking were gone, I was suddenly sleeping better and my confidence was at a level I had never felt before. I had a few more sessions to anchor and reinforce this new ‘track’, and for the first time ever I feel hopeful and enthusiastic about my life. It’s been 2 years and I still feel great. A few years ago if someone had told me that I would get this kind of results from hypnosis, I probably wouldn’t have believed it! I absolutely recommend Karen’s therapeutic hypnosis.


(- Maria -) I was skeptical at first, but this was an amazing experience. I found hypnosis with Karen incredibly relaxing and peaceful – a great feeling for a mind that usually races. It’s been 3 months since our session and I still feel much calmer. I just don’t worry the way I used to. Even my kids notice the difference.

( - N. Côté - )I was sceptical in the beginning in terms of how effective hypnosis could be, but now I'm convinced. Contrary to my expectations, hypnosis is a very gentle experience, and I felt in control throughout the session. It allowed me to see myself in a different light, to really make the commitment to stop smoking, and to get a better grasp on the positive long term effects of quitting. You feel just great after the session too! I'm very satisfied and wouldn't hesitate to consult Karen again if I needed to.


(- Cecile J - ) Before I met Karen, I didn't believe hypnosis could have any influence on my life. I was nervous and sceptical the first time, but was able to let go more easily the second time. All I heard was Karen's calm, gentle voice as my mind and body relaxed more and more. When the trance ended I felt energized and calm. The change in my mood was noticeably lighter almost immediately, and even months later my kids still notice that I'm more relaxed and I smile more. It's a nice change. 


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