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What is a Trance and How Does it Feel?​

Merriam-Webster dictionary definition: a trance is a state in which you are not aware of what is happening around you because you are thinking of something else. That’s it. There is nothing mystical or unusual about it. In fact, human beings are in a trance many, many times a day. When you are doing one thing while thinking of something else, there you have it. You are in a trance.


Driving a car is a good example. You’ve probably experienced the feeling of arriving at your destination and realizing that you don’t remember how you got there. You were physically driving the vehicle, but your mind was so preoccupied with something else that you weren’t concentrating on the road. This illustrates how safe it is to be in a trance. Your subconscious mind is vigilant about protecting you. That is why you are able to do what you need to do, such as drive, even while your mind is focussed on other thoughts. If you needed to stop, your foot used the brakes. If you needed to turn, you flipped on the signal and smoothly turned the steering wheel, all while thinking of something else – off in la-la-land! A trance is a relaxed, comfortable state and our brains are naturally attracted to it.


And how does it feel to be in a trance? Well, you know how mellow it feels to be in the trance-state described above, since it happens to everyone several times a day. A hypnotic trance is the same, but the hypnotist or hypnotherapist guides you there. It is a wonderful, peaceful feeling of relaxation. There are various levels of trance, some deeper than others. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to go into a deep trance in order to be hypnotized. As soon as there is dissociation – where your thoughts are divided as in the example above – you are in a trance and therefore can benefit from positive hypnotic suggestions in line with what you want to achieve.


Karen Torgerson

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